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Movie still Dik Trom
Movie Poster Dik Trom

Dik Trom

(Chubby Drums)





Arne Toonen


Luuk van Bemmelen,  Wijo Koek, Mischa Alexander


Reinout Oerlemans, Hans de Weers


Michael  Nierse, Thijs Romer, Eva van der Gucht, Marcel Musters, Nils Verkooijen, Loes Haverkort



Golden Film Award for 100.000+ visitors

Platinum Film Award for + 400.000 visitors

Golden Calf Best Production Design Netherlands Film Festival 2013

Children’s Jury Main Prize: Best Feature Film for Children at Zlín International Film Festival for Children and Youth 2012



Chubby Drums is a cheery boy, honest and a bit fat. Together with his parents he lives in the cosy Roundville, where people are outgoing and enjoy eating fatty foods. His happy life changes when his family moves to Thinhaven where his father opens up a new restaurant. In Thinhaven no one is outgoing or fat. They don’t want the family Drums and their new restaurant in their city. For the first time in his life Chubby is aware of his body, especially when he falls in love with Lieve, the most beautiful and skinny girl in Thinhaven. That’s where Chubby will try to win Lieve’s heart, and at the same time, show the people of Thinhaven that true beauty lies within.

Movie still Dik Trom
Movie Poster Dik Trom
Movie still Dik Trom
Movie Poster Dik Trom
Movie still Dik Trom
Movie Poster Dik Trom